The Lost Wedding Ring

This past Sunday, I lost my wedding ring. I looked down at my hand during church, and it was gone. I was shocked and panicked. When we got home, Cathy and I tore the house apart looking for my ring. We checked everywhere. We called the restaurant we had dined at the night before and they said that no one had found a wedding ring. Cathy asked, “When was the last time you knew that you were wearing it?” This was the problem. I could not be certain, when I last noticed my ring. All I knew was that it was gone. I had to leave on a three day business trip to Des Moines Iowa. I was embarrassed as I met with several clients who I am certain were wondering, “Why does this marriage coach not wear a wedding ring?” I wondered if my colleagues were thinking, “Are Dave and Cathy having problems, what happened to his wedding ring?” The worse thought was that maybe Cathy was thinking, “Did he loose his ring on purpose before this out of town trip? Is this a sign of how he views our marriage?”

When we make a conscious decision not to wear our wedding ring we send our spouse and others all of these messages. We leave our spouse wondering, “Do they really love me?” We leave others wondering, “Are they married?” The ring is a symbol of love and faithfulness forever. It should always be worn, and it should be a coveted sign of love to your spouse. If you have consciously taken off your wedding ring because you are angry with your spouse, put it back on immediately. Even if your partner is making the decision not to wear theirs, put yours back on. Wear it because the day you were married you said, “I give you this ring as a sign of my love and faithfulness forever”. You received a ring on your finger with the same promise. The ring becomes a symbol of two lives becoming one. It is a sign to the individual that they have made promises and are the recipients of a great promise. They are a sign to their partner that they are loved forever. And the ring becomes a symbol to others that says I am in this committed covenant relationship and have become one with my spouse.

My mother in law found my wedding ring on the floor in our laundry room. I am so excited to have my ring back! Today, if you are in a great marriage that you are striving to make even better, take a picture of your finger with your wedding ring, and text it to your spouse with a message that celebrates your marriage. If you are in a broken marriage that you are trying to save, take a picture of your finger with your wedding ring, and text it to your spouse with a message that says, “I still believe in you, I believe in us, and I am not giving up on our marriage”. Broken marriages are restored every day because one person is willing to fight for the relationship. Put your ring on your finger, keep the promises that the ring represents, and never give up.