The enemy is average

At the end of this post, I am going to invite you to do something that could drastically improve the quality of your marriage. The enemy to your marriage is “average”. The challenge with “average” is that it is not bad enough to make couples change, but not great enough to inspire couples to believe for more. Unfortunately far too many couples are satisfied with “average” marriages.

If you have an “average” marriage you report that your marriage is not great, but it is not so bad either. If you have an “average” marriage you seldom go on dates, you make love 3 times a month, and you may exchange gifts on Christmas and birthdays and cards on anniversary’s and Valentine’s Day. If you have an “average” marriage you seldom talk about your relationship goals and assume that you can spend the rest of your marital days on auto pilot. As long as nothing changes, “average” does not feel so bad. In fact, “average” feels kind of normal. For many couples “average” has become the acceptable standard. How incredibly sad! When we got married we did not marry to have an “average” marriage.

We wanted to have a phenomenal marriage that would be filled with love and excitement. Nobody gets married and aspires to have an average marriage. It just happens. My goal is to help a million marriages over the next decade create relationships that transcend average. I want to help save broken marriages and make average marriages phenomenal. Start this process today. A great place to start is to assess current reality. Ask your partner this question, “How would you rate the current condition of our marriage. Would you describe it as 1) Phenomenal; 2) Good; 3) Average; 4) Below average or 5) Horrible?”

If the answer is anything less than phenomenal have a discussion as to why and talk about action steps that you can take to improve the relationship.