Couples who Pray Together Stay Together

Research suggest that couples that pray together tend to stay together!  According to an article in the June 2017 Psychology Today, research is conclusive that prayer and spirituality enhances marital commitment, decreases the risk of infidelity and increases marital satisfaction.  Couples who make faith a priority in their family tend to have a common unifier that is sometimes absent in relationships that are missing this component. 

A couple’s faith can also serve as a source of strength and guidance when challenges arise in the marriage.  In my coaching practice, I work with people of all different faiths and backgrounds.  I am respectful of people’s journey regardless of where they may be on their own faith journey, but most people who work with me are aware of my background. No one in twenty years has ever accused me of shoving my faith or religious views on them in a coaching session. But frequently couples do ask me how they can make spirituality more of a priority in their relationship. I love this question! 

I believe the number one key to making spirituality a priority in your marriage is being intentional.  It starts with having a conversation with your spouse.  If you both agree that this is important, make a commitment that you are going to be intentional about making spirituality a priority.  The next step is to pull out a blank piece of paper.  Ask the question, “What are seven things that we can do or focus on in 2019 that can help us keep our faith, front and center in our marriage?”  I would recommend that you take turns coming up with answers and write them down.  Then make a commitment that you are going to follow through with these seven commitments and check in on a weekly basis to see how you are doing in terms of keeping the spiritual commitments.  My wife and I did this the first week of January, and I would like to share our list as an example of the types of things that you might do to keep spirituality a priority in your marriage.

Dave & Jennifer’s 7 Spiritual Commitments

  1.  We will attend worship services every weekend even when we are traveling.
  2. We will do devotions together on a daily basis.
  3. We will pray for each other daily.
  4. We will pray before at least 1 meal a day together.
  5. We will be active in our small group.
  6. We will be open to joyfully sharing our faith with anyone who God brings in our path.
  7. We will tithe our income.

Your list could be totally different the key is that you write the commitments down, you talk about them, and you meet on a weekly basis to assess how you are doing.  In the January Digital Newsletter, I share a strategy to do this same exercise with several other areas of your marriage to complete a comprehensive 2019 Marriage Plan.  Please share this post with anyone you may know who may benefit from it.  If you would like more information about my non traditional approach to marriage counseling, or to subscribe to my free newsletter, or to schedule an appointment please go to or call me at 314-606-4272.  I would love to have the opportunity to help you make your good marriage great, or to help you save your marriage that may be failing.  Until next time, keep falling more in love!